History: Interesting and Fascinating (quiz on the two great World Wars)

History: The Two Great World Wars (quiz)

Lessons about history are both interesting and fascinating. Learning is much easier when able to understand the events and reasons beyond a situation or a concept in the past. History is interesting for it uncovers things that are unknown to most of the people and the forgotten memories of the past. It gives humanity lessons that has been tested and hardened by time. History is fascinating because of some events might just give astonishment to many who never thought of things happened in the past which actually did. People’s knowledge of our history is minimal, that is why for those who acknowledges this reality should at least contribute for benefitting the many.

As a lover of history, the writer would like to present a small quiz on the two great world wars. It provides facts that contributed the face of the reality of today. These events are important and should be taught to many. The writer encourages every reader and examinee of this simple but precious quiz on the great World Wars to love history and contribute for the benefit of many.


About the Author

The author is Mr. David John D. Pereira, from the province of Isabela. He is 22 years of age and a working-student. He is an ex-seminarian of the Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate and took his Degree in Philosophy at Rogationist Seminary College-Manila. Currently, he is studying at Rizal Technological University-Mandaluyong taking Masters of Arts in Instructional Technology.





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