CONCEPCION RIZAL: The Hero's First Grief

CONCEPCION RIZAL: The Hero's First Grief
Also called ‘Concha’ by her siblings, Concepcion Rizal (1862-1865) was the eight child of the Rizal family. She died at the age of three.
            Of his sisters, it is said that Pepe loved most the little Concha who was a year younger than him. Jose played games and shared children stories with her, and from her he felt the beauty of sisterly love.
          When Concha died of sickness in 1865, Jose mournfully wept at losing her. He later wrote in his memoir, “When I was four years old, I lost my little sister Concha, and then for the first time I shed tears caused by love and grief.”
            From Concha’s life we could learn that not a few children in those times died young. If records are correct, more than ten of Rizal’s nieces and nephews also died young, not to mention that Jose’s child himself experienced the same fate. (© 2013 by Jensen DG. Mañebog)
Jensen DG. Mañebog, the contributor, is a book author and professorial lecturer in the graduate school of a state university in Metro Manila. His unique book on Rizal comprehensively tackles, among others, the respective life of Rizal’s parents, siblings, co-heroes, and girlfriends. (e-mail:
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