10 Remarkable Things About Andres Bonifacio

 Andres Bonifacio Y de Castro also known as Andres Bonifacio was the leader of the ‘Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan’ (KKK) or Katipunan. He was born in Tondo, Manila on November 30, 1863 and died in May 10, 1897 at the age of 33.
            The following are some remarkable information about the hero:
1. Upon baptism he was named after a saint on whose feast he was born, Andrew the Apostle. (Wikipedia.com)
2. He was arrested and executed by his own men who joined with Emilio Aguinaldo in the mountains of Maragondon, Cavite on May 10, 1897. (Blogspot.com)
3. Historians believe that the context of Bonifacio’s assassination has never been fully explained and that the questionable convention formed part of the systemic problems that continue to prevail in the country. (Interaksyon.com)
4. He wrote the famous poem entitled “Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa” under the pseudonym Agapito Bagumbayan. (Blogspot.com)
5. He put out a newspaper called the ‘Kalayaan’, or “Freedom.” Over the course of 1896, under his leadership, Katipunan grew from about 300 members at the beginning of the year to more than 30,000 in July. (Asianhistory.com)
6. He used the word “Tagalog” as a collective term for all people born and raised in the Philippines. (Interaksyon.com)
7. Some historians believe that Bonifacio was not only the Father of the Katipunan but also the first President of the Philippines, before Emilio Aguinaldo. (Asianhistory.com)
8. Bonifacio was married twice: first to a certain Monica who died of leprosy, then he married Gregoria de Jesus of Caloocan in 1893. They had one son named Andres who died of smallpox in infancy. (Yahoo.com)
9. There were two Katipunan provincial chapters in Cavite that became rival factions: the Magdalo, headed by Emilio Aguinaldo’s cousin Baldomero Aguinaldo, and the Magdiwang, headed by Mariano Alvarez, uncle of Bonifacio's wife. (Wikipedia.com)
10. Historians describe Bonifacio as a military strategist specializing in guerrilla warfare. (Interaksyon.com)
Andres Bonifacio was indeed a great hero just like our national hero Jose Rizal. Also, I personally believe that he must be known as the first president of the Republic of the Philippines instead of Emilio Aguinaldo who arrested and executed him for charges of sedition and treason against Aguinaldo’s government, and alleged conspiracies to murder Aguinaldo.
JOHN KERVY G. SAMARISTA, the contributor, graduated from La Immaculada Concepcion School in Pasig City. He is currently a 4th year BS Information and Communications Technology student at a university in Metro Manila. He believes that learning is a continuous process; it is a way towards dreams and a brighter future. (E-mail: kervy.samarista@facebook.com)
Question for Discussion:
Do you agree that Andres Bonifacio must be known as the First President of the Philippines rather than Emilio Aguinaldo? Why?
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