Jose Rizal’s Adventures: A Supplement

"Jose Rizal’s Adventures: A Supplement"


IF YOU ARE LOOKING for supplemental readings on Jose Rizal's adventures and travels, you may try the following articles. These lectures are updated once in a while by their authors/s.
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Rizal’s Travels, and Adventures

In Biñan and Manila
In Europe
Grand Europe Tour
First homecoming
Second Travel Abroad
Sail to the West
In Great Britain
In France
In Belgium
In Madrid
In Biarritz, Paris, and Brussels
In Ghent
In Hong Kong and Sandakan
Second homecoming

Daily life as an exile
Rizal and the Jesuits
Achievements in Dapitan
As a scientist and philologist
Spies and secret emissary
Visited by loved ones
Goodbye Dapitan

In Manila
Going to Spain
Last homecoming
The rat in the kangaroo court
Rizal’s last 25 hours

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Education in Calamba
Education in Biñan
Education in Manila
Education in Europe

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Jose Rizal’s Lovelife
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