Candle in the Night: An Inspirational Lecture

GOOD INDIVIDUALS are like lighted candles in darkness.
The darker the night, the brighter they shine. Never do they make noise about their brightness nor lose the same by sharing it with others.
I remember one of my favorite mentors when I was in college. She is one of my motherly friends who keep on inspiring me in her little ways. Day in and day out, she teaches me the power of beauty, joy, peace and love in my personal life. Though she is from a prominent family in the province, her heart and mind know well the empathy for a poor and shy girl like me.
This article is written for her, the rest of my generation, and the next generation. I call her “Ma’am” though she is not a teacher per se. Ma’am is physically fit as I am, emotionally stronger as I am and financially well blessed as anybody else. Her voice is warmth to my frail heart and my weak spirit. She taught me lessons outside the classroom set-up—the way of living a simple yet abundant life daily. She is not only my mentor but also my prayer warrior.
There are different lessons that I learned from her. Primarily, the lesson of making friend with time. For her time is the constant and most valuable asset available to everyone but only the good time keeper can handle well. I believe it is true and I learned to value every passing second in my life and to give meaning for all things that I do. Secondly, the lesson of transforming oneself as whom God wants you to be and not who others want you to be.
Ma’am believes that success must be personally defined by a certain individual for success based on the perspective of other person is not and will never be one’s authentic success. Lastly, Ma’am taught me to be the truest version of me. She confronts me with my weakness and allows me to face it with my strengths.
Like a lighted candle, her light passed upon me. I felt the warmth and considered myself as a candle willing to be lighted to overcome the darkness of today’s society.
A lighted candle can create great brightness when such candle is multiplied daily and in every corner of the world.

About the author:
Mailene Dimalaluan, the contributor, is an educator. She is currently taking up her Master’s degree in a university in Metro Manila, Philippines.

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As an individual, many of us are influence in ways that can change our lives whether its damaging or rewarding. In the end, us too will unintentionally affect someone through little things that can surprisingly change one's life.

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