Add Spice to Your Life Thru IDIOMS

Most of the time when we talk to people, we use the normal language that any two persons would use. Using idioms may sound artificial for some but using them could enrich and polish our conversational skills. Though it is very hard to correlate the similarity between the idiom and its meaning at times, idioms definitely add spice to our life.
Here are some idioms with their respective meaning and sample usage:

1. (have a) bee in one’s bonnet – means something that is annoying someone      
My best friend George has had a bee in his bonnet all day, but he won’t tell me what’s wrong.

2. Caught with one’s pants down – means unprepared          
The committeecaught me with my pants down on that day. I have missed something.

3. Hold your horses – means wait and be patient         
Hold your horses! I’ll be done in just a minute.

4. Raining cats and dogs – means raining heavily        
I do forget my newly bought umbrella, and it was raining cats and dogs.

5. Ants in one’s pants – meansunable to sit still or remain calm out of nervousness or excitement
The applicant had ants in her pants the day before his final interview.
6. Dog days – means very hot days                                            
The baby sleeps in his crib during the dog days of summer.

7. Wear the trousers – means be in charge, make the rules    
The educators in charge the programwear the trousers in this venue.

8. Red-carpet treatment – meansto receive special or royal treatment         
           The stakeholders always receive the red-carpet treatment every time they visit us.

9.  As red as a poppy – means bright red                                  
My nephew has on his back as red as a poppy.

10. Horse of a different color – means something totally separate and different    
           The president of the class would like to discuss that particular issue now but it is a horse of a different color and we should discuss it the next meeting.

11. In the pink (of condition) – meansin very good health  
           Clark my best friend was in the pink of condition when I visit him.

12. Lend color to (something) – means to provide something extra to accompany something    
           The background music in the recent stage play helped to lend color to the performance of the stage players.

13. Chase rainbows – means to try to get or achieve that is difficult of impossible           
 The cartoonist is always chasing rainbows and he never achieves anything yet.

14. Ears are red – means one’s ears are red from embarrassment       
Her ears were red after being scolded by Grandma.

15. Get the hair – means to have one’s hair turn gray from stress      
My favorite aunt is getting gray hair from too much pressure.

We all have been using idioms subconsciously throughout our lives. We use idioms to make our speech more attractive and impressive. Idioms are a way to make language more vivid and descriptive.

About the Author:
Ferdinand Lucas Cruz holds the degree, B.S.E. major in English, from Rizal Technological Colleges. His teaching experiences include: English classroom teacher at La Immaculada Concepcion School Pasig (1989-1996) and English Teacher at Pinagbuhatan High School (current), and an English Department Coordinator.

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