Putting up Basic Education School: Some Systems of Education

 If you would have the opportunity and the means to put up your own school (basic education, meaning elementary and high school), how will you design and organize it so that it will offer a world class education featuring a wide variety of learning programs and extra-curricular activities that develop students into globally competitive and well-rounded individuals? You will develop your own unique system of education, a comprehensive and holistic system benchmarked from prominent (local) educational institutions, local and abroad.
As being globally competitive today has become almost synonymous to being computer literate, it would be an advantage for students in basic education to get early exposure to modern technologies. CBL refers to the use of computers as the major component of the educational environment. Using computers for teaching purposes, CBL therefore is very much related to Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) and e-learning.
          However, CBL, as assessed by some, can only teach to its programmatic limitations that it can only solve problems that have been programmed into it. CBL alone therefore could produce mechanical and technocratic learning, making the learning process less flexible and uncritical. Recognizing that computers are of course not as good as human teachers, the better option could be featuring CBL alongside traditional learning methods. Blended learning can provide the convenience, speed and cost effectiveness of computer-learning with the personal and human touch of traditional learning.

Aside from the regular program (basic education curriculum), high school students have the options of enrolling to Science High School, Business High School, Special Program for the Arts, Special Program for Sports, Technical Vocational High School, Special Program for Journalism, and the like, depending on the course or career they want to pursue after high school. But evaluative exams have to be taken before admission to each special program and every after academic year to assess if they are really fit to take up the course they want in college. Based on the result of the exams, they will be advised to take the special program in which they would probably excel. Before graduation, there is also exit interview to further advise and counsel the candidates for graduation.

The school will offer multifarious electives and students have to take minimum number of elective subjects of their choice. That way, students in Science High school for instance could take music or arts subjects if he also wants to develop his skills in those fields. 

Social skills, cooperation, teamwork, leadership, camaraderie, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and empathy are some of the traits that may not be experientially learned in regular classes and are therefore hoped to be instilled among students through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Some of the activities that could be organized and academic clubs/organizations which could be formed are: “Students’ Week” (when students act as the staff, teachers, and principal for a week), “Pair teaching/Student Tutorial” (in which students tutor their co-students, especially those in lower years), “Pathfinder’s Camp” (which could mold the students to be independent), seminars, trainings, symposiums, camping, field trips, immersions, outreach programs, tree-panting, blood donations, theaters, quiz bees, literary and musical competitions, sports fest/Intrams, marathons, beauty contests, cooking contests, summer camps, retreats, and spiritual and values development activities. 
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My family members every time say that I am killing my time here at net, however I know I am getting know-how all the time by reading thes nice content.

Learning, if based within the integration of technology, the word "FAST" will be mislead as "LAZINESS." But moreover, It will still depend on the Individual on how he/she will be motivated on some sort of learning mechanism. What would be a great practice to avert laziness within learning in this integrating world? because nowadays "Less work, laziness we get."

We're in this fast integrating world that we have, we can't deny that to the fact that its already there. And putting those things(technology) within Education in particular as a learning mechanism. Yes, It's quite a thing to point out the matter of being "lazy" cuz' the fast we get information, we sometimes forget to view what what has to be learn in a particular subject. What would be a better practice? It's quite easy, Just don't forget Curiousness(in a good way). Make students waver their imagination. Still, it will depend on how they will perceive and comprehend such matters.

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