Montessori Method

Montessori Method is a hands-on approach designed by Dr Maria Montessori to address the need of the child to learn through their own involvement and discovery. In this method, the children are grouped in multi-age grouping where in the younger children will have the chance to learn with the older ones and in the same way the older ones apply what they learn through mentoring the younger ones.

This method develops the child to become an independent learner putting importance on academic growth as well as physical, mental and social growth. Learning takes place through exploration, imitation, repetition and trial and error.

The classroom is specially designed to allow the pupils to move around freely inside the room as they interact with their peers and explore the colorful and inviting learning materials that were suited for them. These materials were properly arranged in the shelves with in their reach.

Teachers serve as facilitators of learning where in they don’t tell everything what the child should do. They give chance to the children to discover and learn things by themselves by following simple guidelines and concepts. They also serve as role model of good values that the children will imitate as they grow.


About the Author:

Jessie Flor Balanban Banasen is working at Andress Bonifacio Integrated School as a grade VI teacher. She believed that good foundation of education builds  power and strong good character. 


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