Job Hunting: Tools and Techniques

Getting ready for a job search? This guide will help you on how to complete job application and become employed.



Consider your resume a job hunting tool, design your resume to catch and captivate the employer’s interest, the immediate purpose of which is to secure job interview. Take note that your resume is not just a chronological record of work experience. Its your sales ad.  You have only 10 seconds, more or less, to show the reader that your resume is worth a second look.

Your resume is highly personal. Only you, can organize, write and rewrite it.  It’s a boo-boo to ask somebody to write your biodata. So learn to write a power resume that is effective and can assure you of a job interview

Some pointers in writing a job-winning resume

Begin with soul searching – evaluate your past, the activities you were in, the skills you have cultivated, and the achievements you have earned.

Honesty is the best policy – state facts and only facts. Be accurate in mentioning dates. “ Find out what a man wants and make a deal with him”

Analyze data and organize them – your resume must be ‘crisp’ and must have a punch, a kick and deep impact.

No negatives- remember, your resume is your personal promo. Create the impression that you are a doer, not a somebody who just sits and waits

Edit, re-edit, and rewrite your draft – your resume should be complete, clear and concise.The style must be formal. Avoid personal pronouns like, I, me, my. Make good use of capitalization, bold types, bullets, underlining, etc.

Never send a resume with erasures – sufficient spacing between data helps create a clean impression. Single space all text, and double space every paragraph. Stay away from a long paragraphs. Always put your name on the second page if there is a second page.

Vital Parts of a GOOD Resume





ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (interest, special activities, awards/achievements)

Note: Do not offer reference yet, you may instead state “References are furnished upon request”.

Inexperienced or young jobseekers`

Have you participated in a student government? Become one of its officers? Were you the president?  Have you been actively participated in any school activities or programs? Have been a dean's lister? A staffer in school paper? Joined debates, speech, or quiz show?

Make your resume a picture of achievements and accomplishments

Preparation for a Job Interview

Learn everything you can about the company. Review your resume and your competencies. Assemble all the papers you need. Finally, a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast, and plenty of travel time


Arrive on time A last minute rush means you will arrive flustered and tense. The important thing is you arrive at the location of your interview about 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.

Professional Appearance

Decide well what you wear before the day of your interview. Make sure all the buttons and zipper works. Be comfortable with what you wear. Finally, take care not to walk into the room laden with all your belongings.

First Impression 

Relax and appear confident. Greet the interviewer by name. Introduce yourself in a relaxed and confident manner. Do not sit down unless you are not asked to do so.

The rule of the game is to be your natural self- a little tense but willing to listen and learn, nervous but honest and hardworking.

Body language 

Avoid small repetitive movements, like waggling your feet, smoothing your hair. Do not turn away from the interviewer, do not appear frozen, rigid or stiff. Relax and smile. Appear professional at all time. Do not give the interviewer that you are not listening or you are losing interest.

Common question during interview

Tell me something about yourself.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as employee?

What do you like best/least in your past job?

Describe your ideal boss.

How do you think your boss would describe you?

What area(s) of your profession do you seek to improve or develop?

Why did you apply for this job?

Why did you leave your previous job?

What can you offer this company?

What is the most important qualification you possess that would convince me to hire you?

Lets discuss:

1.  What is/are your weak points that may deter you in getting a job. How would you deal with it?

2. (For ME Student) As fresh graduate and a registered Mechanical Engineer, discuss your competency. (Please write your Full Name, Course and Section)
3. (For ENSE Student) In what field of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering you want to practice your competency. Why? Discuss (Please write your Full Name, Course and Section)


About the Author:

Rebecca Mauhay Nunesca is a Professional Industrial Engineer, and an ASEAN Engineer currently connected at Batangas State University as Faculty Staff in the IE department. She is presently enrolled at Rizal Technological University taking MS Engineering Education, major in Industrial Engineering.


Marximiano, Jose Mario B., Managing Human Resources in the 21st Century, 2006 Rex Book Store Inc.



Princess Catherine B. Garcia MGT 451 – Engineering Management ESE – 4101 Question no. 3 (For ENSE Student) In what field of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering you want to practice your competency. Why? Discuss (Please write your Full Name, Course and Section) For now that I am still a student, I am not yet sure if in what field of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering will I be in the future. It is because there are lots of job opportunities and this degree is very in demand here in the country and even abroad. But it would be a great pleasure for me if I would be able to be a Pollution Control Officer of an institution or a company. On this field I want to practice my competency by being a person not only with a sufficiency of knowledge and skills that enable to act in a wide variety of situations. But also with a necessary skills, experience and knowledge to manage health and safety. Because each level of responsibility has its own requirements. Since my chosen career is Environmental and Sanitary Engineering which is about in achieving and maintaining the environment and public health.


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