Good Plan = Great Success: Planning Technical Activities

For a plain and simple language, planning is thinking ahead. Planning is a tool not only for organization but also for every individual to know what to do, how to do it, when to do it and what to expect in the future. A plan serves as a useful guide in the implementation of every activity. The nature of planning  is to have a plan that provides a methodical way of achieving desired results. Without the plan, some minor tasks may be afforded major attention that may, hinder the accomplishment of objectives. Planning defined by Nickels and others: refers to “the management function that involves anticipating future trends and determining the best strategies and tactics to achieve organizational objectives.” For Aldag and Stearns, planning is the “the selection and sequential ordering of tasks required to achieve an organizational goal.” Cole and Hamilton gave a definition of planning as “deciding what will be done, who will do it, where, when and how it will be done, and the standards to which it will be done.”  To give you another idea of what is planning, you may watch this video.

Planning is expected into various management level, and have a corresponding output for each level: Top management level (Strategic planning); Middle management level (Intermediate planning); Lower management level (Operational planning). Strategic Planning refers to the process of determining the major goals of the organization and the policies and strategies for obtaining and using resources to achieve those goals. The whole company is considered its objectives and current resources. Output: Strategic plan, the decision about long-range goals and the course of action to achieve these goals. Intermediate Planning refers to process of determining the contributions that subunits can make with allocated resources, undertaken by middle management. The goals of a subunit are determined and a plan is prepared to provide a guide to the realization of the goals and designed to support the strategic plan. Operational Planning refers to the process of determining how specific tasks can best be accomplished on time with available resources. It must be performed in support of the strategic plan and the intermediate plan. The planning process generally, involves the following: 1.Setting organizational, divisional, or unit goals. 2. Developing strategies or tactics to reach those goals. 3. Determining resources needed. 4.Setting standards. 

Goals defined as the “precise statement of results sought, quantified in time and magnitude, where possible.”

There are different types of plans: 1. Functional Area Plans under this are:Marketing Plan,Production Plan,Financial Plan,Human Resource Management Plan;2. Plans With Time Horizon: Short-Range Plan andLong-Range Plan;3. Plans According to Frequency of Use are: Standing Plan andSingle-Use Plans

In making planning effective the barriers should be recognized and the used of aids are recommended. According to Plunkett and Attner the planning barriers are as follows: 1. Managers inability to plan; 2. Improper planning process; 3. Lack of commitment to the planning process; 4. Improper information; 5. Focusing on the present at the expense of the future; 6. Too much reliance on the planning department; 7. Concentrating on only the controllable variables. Among the aids to planning that may be used are: 1. Gather as much information as possible; 2. Develop multiple sources of information; 3. Involve others in the planning process.

Planning is done so that some desired results may be achieved. Plan and have goals, don't just wish and dream.

About  the author :

Robbie Christine R. Bathan. She is currently taking up her masteral degree MSEE major in Industrial Engineering at Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong. She is a faculty member in Industrial Engineering Department at Batangas State University.


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Very nice article!Thank you to ourhappyschool and especially to the author.

planning is very important it helps as a guidelines form an individual or an organization to achieve its goals. the article is informative thank you to the author and ourhappyschool.

I would definitely agree with the author as she mentioned "Plan and have goals, and don't just wish and dream". It is somehow connected to principle of production planning and control "First plan your work and then work your plan".

As an Industrial Engineer, one of our job/task was to plan the certain activity that we will do specially in our job at the company for us to achieved our goals and objectives.. Thanks to the author of this article and to ourhappyschool! very informative article! :)

A road-map is crucial in reaching your goals. If you do not plan ahead, how will you know were you are going? How will you know how to get there? And how do you measure when you have reached checkpoints? Allow yourself to plan, to get another point of view and have experts help you develop your map. Amazing article! :)

We all have plans in our life. It's just that others stop believing in making plans, get tired of planning, and more. But still planning is still the best way to achieve your goals. Planning is very useful in our everyday lives. It is really the smartest strategy we always have.

A goal without a plan is just a wish..therefore, planning must be considered in order to achieve the goals we want to have. A very nice and interesting article.. Kudos to the author.

"Plan and have goals, don't just wish and dream." I love this one! I would definitely save this to my phone and read it from time to time to remind me that always having a plan will likely lead me to good things and, of course, success.

Having goals is great, but without action, goals is useless. We must have great plans but we don't just stop there we should make it happen. :) Nice article ^_^

I found this article very interesting. As a Civil Engineering Student, I can use the facts stated here to manage and finish my tasks, not only to finish it but also to finish it successfully. In the near future, I may see myself as a Project Engineer handling a project. Planning and reaching the goal of the project is equal to the good plan that will result to great success. Thanks for this factual article.

Good Plan = Great Success is a simple equation on how we can achieve success in planning. In every goals we want to meet, we must produce a good a plan so we can achieve it. This article teach us how we manage our plans. Thanks for this.

it is not easy to plan but if you give your self and heart you will achieve your goals. -very fascinating article.GODBLESS!

to have a successful organization, it is really a must to have plan. to have plans is to have goals and to have goals is to achieve success...

This article shows how important planning is. It's applicable in every phase of life and planning serves as a foundation of a successful activity or project. Thanks for this informative thing. A must share article. :) -Prince Joshua C. Serdon 03/04/2014 8:07 PM

planning is the heart of every activities. this must be done perfectly. this article will greatly help in successful planning for successful output... thanks for this article. :)

Planning is a part of our daily life.. from waking up in the morning on time, having breakfast, trying to avoid to be late in attending class lectures or work.. we know already and we have already planned what we are going to do on that day.. Having a good plan = great success is true.. having a good plan is thinking, preparing, scheduling, predicting etc., what we our going to do or what we are willing to have or to be in the next 5 or 10 year to come.. planning is easy to do, doing it and following it may be the hard part but its always better to have a plan than do not having it.. so let us plan, plan, plan, plan.. :) until success come... :)

Planning is the root of success of each individual. I believe of what Benjamin Franklin said about planning “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”. it is true because every thing you do, you must be prepared of the consequences behind every plans. Planning is a tool to help you survive in any situation, it can be a backup for the unexpected problems. plan according to your will.^_^

It is true that we have to plan in life. In life, planning helps us survive everyday and accomplish tasks on time. We plan because we want to achieve a good outcome, to reach our goals. A person's effort in planning reflects that he has a strong determination/will in achieving what he wanted. He will be able to clearly define his objectives and goals, and because of this, he can put up the best strategies and solutions which will lead him to a sweet success. So, good plan is really a key to a great success. nice article!

A very nice article to achieve a better management. With planning, goals are easily achieve. Thanks for this clear and informative overview of planning. ^^ - John Kelvin Lopez

A very informative article about planning!!I relate to this so much because I'm also taking a subject about management where planning is one of its functions. :)

The first thing that we have to do to achieve our goals in life is to plan. It is a continuous process throughout our life. If we have a plan, success shall be achieve. =) :Jojitte Delen

great article! This is just like what Benjamin Franklin said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.. So,in order to succeed, we must use planning carefully and wisely. :)

The article was informative. :) In planning it is "what you sow is what will you reap". As the article states "Planning is a continuous process," if our input is right from the beginning then the output have high chance of achieving success. Thus considering the right strategies in planning will lead us to achieve our goals successfully :)

As a future project manager, where one of our major functions is to plan, this article is helpful :) undeniably, GOOD PLAN = GREAT SUCCESS. - adelle jasa

planning = thinking ahead.....the first sentence made me read this.... MAM ROBBIE,,YOU'RE A LEGEND...KEEP ON WRITING! #goosebumps

Planning is very important and I can say it is the root of success. That's why Good Plans = Great Success. Plan, have a goal, keep yourself motivated to reach that goal, then it will result to great success. -Roy Lauren O. Gonzales

It is true that “Good plan = Great success” because as what this article stated, planning comprises the thinking of “what to do, how to do it, when to do it and what to expect in future” which act as the complete ways to success…

To have great success, one must strive to have a good plan. This article really helps everyone to realize the importance of planning not only because they have to but because they need too. I really appreciate this article. Such a great learning. Maraming Salamat po! :)

For a successful outcome, planning is the key concept. For every success, there's always a plan that is being implemented. In this article, the author emphasizes the role of planning behind a success. Without it, there's a possibility of mismanagement. This really helps the readers on how important planning is. Great article! Two thumbs up!

Goals must be VISUALIZED right on our minds. When looking forward on a great success in the future, know the basics of planning written in this article. ^_^

good planning is definitely an effective way to succeed.. nice article;)

Planning have a great impact to a person. It leads to a person success. This article is knowledgeable and very informative.Thanks for this article and I love the author.

Planning is the best way to reach your goals successfully. In planning, we are able to set our goals clearly so we can prepare the necessary actions and create the best strategies to achieve them. So with good plan, we will succeed.

The author is right. Do not just wish and dream, instead make a good plan and achive your goals and great success is right ahead. (But make sure to know the barriers in your plan and do not disregard them.)

planning is but an important part of every company. of course, different part of it functios on every aspect of life of a company. it must be the first company priority for development. this is timely reminder of how good planning to us. well verse engr. robbie.

ang sarap mag basa especially that we all can relate, very brief and full of meanings.. ganto din ang nileleccture namin, pero pwede pala paiksiin ng ganto.. well, good points sa article ni engr. robbie. tama itong key to success.

it is true that good plan is great success. Planning is a great tool for good management. It is one factor that leads a man to success when everything was done according to plans.Before achieving your goals in life it always start with planning. Just like dreaming you cannot achieve it when you haven't set your plans yet. -April Diane A.Ronquillo

Planning is a must to every effective action. So if you have a good plan there will be a good result at the end. Planning enables us to do things in an orderly and efficient manner. this article is worth reading :D regards to the author

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