Glimpse of Business School

Are you a business minded person? Are you interested to put your own business? Are you willing to learn how to handle people? Then, Enrolled in Business School.

The first Business School has originated in Europe in the year 1819. It was named as ESCP Europe and it was categorized as the oldest business school in the world. As the years past, many other Business Schools are established afterwards. (Wikipedia)

Business School is a Learning institution where you focus on Teaching Business related materials and business services. Business schools also dealing with how you will put your own business, how will you be part of a business and how can you handle the whole business. Basically, in this facility they will improve and enhanced your capabilities in dealing with business situation.

Here are some Business related courses:

1. Accounting – it is a study of methodical process in which you will identify, classify, summarized, and interpret economic, financial and business information. It also provides information about the assets existing in the firm.

2. Finance – it is a course where you plan, direct, monitor, organized and control a financial resources of a given organization.

3. Marketing – it a course on how you can manage the goods and services from your customer’s concept. It also includes the inputs of the 4 elements in business: Product, Price, Place and Promotional Strategy.

4. Business Management – it is a course where you will be trained as the leader in the certain firm. It also includes the activities that is related to managing the company.

5. Human Resource Management – it is the study on how you can hire people and develop or trained them to become more beneficial to the company. 

6. Entrepreneurship – it is the study where you will combine property, labour, natural resources and capital to produce income.

7. Economics – it is the study of principles, theories and models on how the market process works. This also deals with human wants and the satisfaction and also the allocated resources.

So, if you want to be a Businessman, Entrepreneur, Capitalist, Industrialist or Tycoon. Then try to enroll in the Business School.


About the Author:

The author’s name is Maria Xuyein B. Alejo an Jr. Process and Quality Assurance Specialist in HC Consumer Finance Philippines Inc. (Home Credit Philippines). She graduated last April 2012 in Technological Institute of the Philippines as an Industrial Engineer. She loves Math, Numbers and Analyzing problem. For her, No Matter what happen, Life must go on.



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