Five Things to Consider in Constructing a House

House construction is an activity that requires the process of planning. Activities which lack preparation usually lead to failure to attain desired goals and purpose. House construction is the realization of one’s dreams for our family, and it should be given utmost preparation in order to succeed:
            The following are five (5) things to consider in constructing a house:

1. The Income and Family Size
“Buy according to what you need not according to what you want”. This saying is applicable to the attitudes of many families. Sometimes, we keep on dreaming a house that is not really appropriate to our family income. We don’t need to dream of building a house that is like a palace, especially if we only have a small family size, for it would be like wearing an extra-large size of dress when the size of our body is only small.

2. Size of the Lot
Your basis in determining the size of the lots will depend on your budget and the number of your family members. You must see to it that that the floor area on your lot could serve good purposes and uses. Take note that the boundaries of house on the lot should be guided by the building restrictions on your respective cities or municipalities. If you are not familiar with it, don’t hesitate to consult the proper authorities (like the city/municipality engineer.)

3. Work Force or Labor
Before you begin the construction of the house, it is very important for you to look for the right persons who will execute the building of your dream house. Usually, the total work-force/labor in the construction of a house consumes the forty percent (40%) of the total budget. If you will not look for the right skilled-workers, your house will not be efficiently finished at the right time.
            It is also important during the construction of your house that you monitor the day-to-day output of your work-force so that you can assess their performance.

4. Bill of Materials
The bill of materials needed in the construction of your house will range up to fifty-five percent (55%) of your budget. If the labor ranges up to forty percent (40%), then the remaining five percent (5%) usually goes to the acquiring of building permit and other expenses.
Take note that in purchasing the bill of materials needed in the construction of your house, invest on the materials that possess high quality and are durable.

5. The Desired House Style
It is better if you will be artistic in the design of house you want. Economically, look for the style that depict a simple and descent living. The desired style of house will also depend on the total budget of the family. Note that your desired house style sometimes is not according to what you want but according to what is the limit of your budget. 

If you fail to plan, you are preparing for nothing. House construction needs preparation and proper planning. Dreaming of having a house is possible, but dreaming a house without preparation and proper planning is an impossible dream.

About the Author:
Richard Toledana Santos is presently a Drafting Teacher in Nagpayong High School, Pasig City, Philippines. He believes in the saying, “Remember that Brilliant mind is useless without a fighting heart, because you create an impression in what you say, but make a name in what you do”. His email address is;

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