Effective Teaching Methods in the Elementary

Teaching is known as the noblest profession. Every teacher is likened to potter. More than an  ordinary professional, he is responsible  in shaping the mind, heart and mentality of his pupils. With this, experts are studying and experimenting some methodologies and approaches  to help teachers. With those numerous teaching methodologies, I’ve taken the most effective based on my lengthy years in the service.

Teaching Techniques for Ensured Learning

Inductive Method

This process starts from simple to complex, from specific to general, from known to unknown, from particular to universal and from concrete to abstract. It is very applicable in teaching Language and Mathematics in elementary. Working plan in Language 3 usually begins with identifying of nouns. This will be followed by the plural nouns and then its classifications.  In mathematics it is necessary in presenting the interconnections of the four fundamental operations.

Experiential Learning

Children are keen observers. This nature of young learners has advantages when they interact directly gaining new experiences and observations while learning. It is commonly known as “learning by doing”.  

Consequence Mapping

This is very ideal in presenting the consequences of an event. At the center of a structured consequence map is the main event. Each consequence of the event may have more effects and so on. Mapping the multi-effects of a certain event gives the learners a better picture and understanding of the topic.

Concept Mapping

Presenting concepts in hierarchical order eases the assimilation of the topics. Pupils can easily conclude, the interrelations between the subjects or objects being studied. The concept of food chain in Science can be presented with a concept map.

Poster Making

By nature children enjoy expressing their ideas by drawing. Guiding their interest towards creating posters in relation with the lesson enhances their learning. Posters may be in words or pictures.

Investigatory method

This method is most applicable with problem solving, researches and experiments. The pupils will gather information through observation or questionnaire. Pupils’ self-confidence and assertiveness are being developed with this method of teaching.


Teaching is universally known as the noblest profession. Meaning to be one among the chosen to practice “teaching” entails a great responsibility. What we profess before our pupils affects their maturing mentality. Are we directing their future justly for the right? Reflect if your teaching styles are complementing. Personality goes with inductive method  needing the authoritarian approach. Attentive listening is essential in understanding a lesson presented from simple to complex. Preciseness in conduct and    straight in diligence are the narrow ways to learning. However, humor is the antidote to this technique. Just to release emotional tension in the class. The real secrets to last long in this mission are commitment, consistency and common sense. Imbibing the “3cs” is more than mastering  the methods! Please watch the video before answering the short quiz below.

(Effective Teaching Methods in the Elementary by Sir Merlyn Labbao) THE AUTHOR Mr. Merlyn A. Labbao finished AB-History at the Lycuem of Aparri. He earned educational and CTP units at the Philippine Normal University. His masteral studies started at the extension program of Philippine Christian University which was sometime opened at the School of Saint Anthony where he was a faculty for 17 fruitful teaching years. Currently, he is employed at Lagro Elementary School. He also contributes educational articles in The Lagro Gazette, barangay newspaper. At Present, he is pursuing his masteral degree on Educational Management in Rizal Technological University, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City.    


Let's Talk About It.

1. Between Traditional and E-Learning, which addresseswholesome learning of pupils? Justify your contention.

2. How do make your choosen teaching method intersting upon determining that its inappropriate in the mids of classroom observation? Elaborate in a whole sheet of paper.



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