STUDENT DISCIPLINE PLAYS A SIGNIFICANT ROLE in providing the students a world class educational experience. It is for this reason that the Student Personnel Services (SPS) that concerns student conduct usually has character formation and internalization of values as its ultimate objectives in having rules and regulations on proper decorum and social norms inside and outside the school.
          In almost all academic institutions, the students are expected to exercise their rights as they fulfilltheir obligations and responsibilities inside and outside the campus. This is in response to their duty not only as students but also as citizens. To fulfill these goals, students need to know the school discipline structures, policies, rules and regulations as well as procedures and practices.
          The Student Personnel Services concerning discipline is responsible for promoting student discipline, for ensuring the safety and welfare of the students, and for maintaining peace, order, and cleanliness in the school. It seeks to prevent, rather than correct, unseemly student behavior.
The regulation of student conduct in Philippine universities is commonly under the direct administration of the Committee on Student Discipline and Evaluation (CSDE) headed by a CSDE Chairman. Assisted by his staff, the CSDE Chairman usually has coordinators in each college. Arbitration of crucial cases nonetheless is done by the Board of Discipline.
          Quality regulation of student conduct in a school could create an impression that the institution is a producer of disciplined and well-mannered graduates. This could be attained through effective CSDE programs, which should be reinforced by other units—like the faculty and staffwho must share the principle that inculcating disciple among students is indispensable in molding them to become better individuals.

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