5 Basic Etiquette Tips in Conducting Surveys

1. Define the survey's purpose
There’s nothing wrong in telling the respondents the purpose of the research or survey.

2. Keep it short as much as possible
Keep survey respondents in the loop along the way by telling them up front how long the survey might take. Time is a top complaint among people who have taken surveys, so avoid unnecessary conversations.

3. Keep it simple
Make sure that respondents will understand the questions. Don't use jargon and don't make the questions too complex. Make sure that the questions are not worded for "insiders." Diplomatically explain terms when asked.

4. Learn from previous experiences
Your interaction with your first or second respondents will more or less tell you how long it takes to complete the questionnaire and whether any questions are confusing. So be prepared to do necessary adjustment or clarify concepts next time.

5. Entice
Give your prospective respondents a good reason to answer your survey. You're asking them to do you a favor, so show your appreciation afterward.


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