10 Famous Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs

There are many successful Filipino entrepreneurs in our country. Among many reasons, they became famous because of their big contributions to the growth of our economy. These top Filipino entrepreneurs possess different characteristics which are essential to becoming successful. Many of them have great stories for us to wonder. They can serve as an inspiration for us Filipinos that someday we may become like them.


National Book Store, Inc.
Ms. Socorro C. Ramos started working as a salesgirl when she was 18 yrs. old in Goodwill Bookstore in Escolta. She was good in selling, that’s why she became in charge of the store. When she was married to Jose Ramos, they put up The National Book Store. Her vision was to extend the National bookstore not only here in Luzon but also to Visayas and Mindanao for cheaper access to books and school supplies. Before, the National Book Store was a general merchandise store. Until later on, it was selling books, greeting cards, and school supplies. Today, more than 70 National Book Store can be found nationwide.
Jollibee Foods Corporation
Jollibee was formerly selling Magnolia Ice Cream, then it was recognized as selling chicken and burger. Tony Tan Caktiong, the president and CEO of Jollibee, was a name to remember, not only here in the Philippines but also in other parts of the country, like in US, Hongkong, China, Indonesia, and Japan.  He had received several awards in the business and the likes. The success of Jollibee according to Mr. Caktiong is sharing to people what they had achieved.  Jollibee had been known to be a happy and hardworking insect. It is the favorite place to dine in of many Filipinos especially the kids.
3. Lucio Tan
Philippine Airlines
Lucio Tan’s story was from rags to riches tale. Before working in the tobacco industry, his business was a scrap. His dream was to become a scientist but his fortune was bound to become an entrepreneur. His hard work made him successful and became famous.  Now, he owns Asia Brewery, Tanduay, Fortune Tobacco, Philippine Airlines, Allied Bank, and many more to mention.
GMA Network, Inc.

Atty. Felipe L. Gozon is the chairman, president, and CEO of GMA Network. He was credited for the success of GMA Network in radio and TV broadcasting, filmmaking, and music recording. He was Master Entrepreneur in 2004. Because of the leadership of Atty. Gozon, he made GMA as one of the top networks in the country today. Currently, GMA had via-satellite broadcasting in Asia and in other parts of the world. 

5. Henry Sy
Henry Sy was born on December 25, 1923, in Xiamen China. In his early twenties, he used to sell American shoes. Then after three years, he was able to have his first shoe mart store. SM group of companies was one of the biggest companies in our country and the man behind it was Henry Sy. His self-discipline, perseverance, and hard work made him what he is today. In almost every part of the country (as well as in Asia), there is SM mall.According to Henry Sy Sr., success will not last if you do not care of it. That’s the secret of their success.
6. Jaime Zobel de Ayala
Ayala Corporation
Jaime Zobel de Ayala was before president and chairman of Ayala Corporation. He was considered as one of the richest persons tied with Henry Sy in 2007. He had received many awards and the latest was Entrepreneur of the Year 2012. His strategy for being successful in this business was getting partners with those who are in need in the community. He believes that gaining profits was not really the concern of every businessman, but to help the poor people.
7. Alfredo Yao
Zest-O Corporation
Alfredo Yao came from a poor family and became rich due to hard work and determination. He didn’t finish his education at Mapua Institute of Technology.  He experienced to work in the printing press and then ventured to this business for 20 years. Then, he shifted to a juice manufacturing business. Zest-O became hit to mothers because of its being convenient to be placed in every lunch box of the children. Today, Zest-O was one of the leading juice manufacturers in the country, in China, New Zealand, Singapore, and many others.
8. Mariano Que
Mercury Drugstore
Mariano Que first worked in a drugstore. When he was given the opportunity, he invested his 100 pesos in the sulfathiazole tablets. He sold his products to the people by making use of the wooden pushcart. After saving a lot of money, he was able to built Mercury. It was made known to the people as selling safe medicines and opened for 24/7. Mercury, like any other leading drug stores, had many stores nationwide.That was because of the innovations he made in his products.
 9. Cecilio K. Pedro
Lamoiyan Corporation
Cecilio K. Pedro finished his business management degree in Ateneo de Manila University. He founded the Lamoyan Corp. which produces toothpastes like “Hapee” and “Kutitap.” This made toothpaste affordable to the masses. He survived in the industry because of being tough and innovative to fight for the multinational companies. His company had received an award, “Most Outstanding Program for Equal Employment Opportunity,” giving importance to those who have difficulty in hearing to work in his company.
10. Corazon D. Ong
CDO Foodsphere, Inc.
Corazon D. Ong is the founder of CDO Foods. It was a hobby of Ms. Ong to make processed meats products such as corned beef, hotdog, meatloaf and hamburger patties. She was a dietician by profession. So she understood what the preferences of most Filipinos are. Today, CDO Foodsphere, Inc. was recognized as the leading supplier of meat toppings. Why?? Because nowadays we have many working mothers and it is convenient on their part to have foods which can be cooked easily.
The top famous entrepreneurs really worked hard to attain success in their business. They had faced different challenges but they didn’t stop until they achieved their goals. Their characteristics as an entrepreneur paved a long way in the business world. Now, can we do it, too? Definitely, yes. We should only have the will and the determination to really work hard. We can also be destined in the business industry, keeping our sights focused on how to achieve our goals and at the same time we should also beguided by our values in life.
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About the Author:
Priscilla L. Villanueva, the contributor, is a TLE teacher in Pinagbuhatan
High School, Pasig City, Phil. She believes in the saying that if there’s a will,
there’s a way. If you want to achieve something, you really need to work hard
for it. Her facebook email account is villanuevpriscilla16@gmail.com
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