Human Intelligence: Nature or Nurture?

IT HAS BEEN A DEBATE for more than a century, on whether our intelligence was inherited by nature or acquired through nurture. It is an argument between the Principles of Psychology and Sociology and the meticulous studies of Science. Intelligence is the capacity of our rational mind to consolidate and evaluate external stimuli by integrating sensory input with our memory and our programming.
            More than a century ago, Sir Francis Galton, a scientist who began studying the role of genes in intelligence, theorized that parents transferred intelligence to their children, who in turn passed these intelligent-boosting genes down to their offspring. Science Daily, on one of their articles, said that our brain structure is considerable under genetic influence.
             On 1979, a professor of University of Minnesota, Thomas Bouchard, conducted a study through IQ testing about twins separated from their biological parents and adopted children to their foster parents. Then, he found out that intelligence was being passed genetically and the correlation of the adopted children to their foster parent is zero percent.  Daniels, Devlin and Roeder (1997) and Matt Ridley conducted several studies and concluded that heritability can account for 48% of the variation in IQ.
            In the field of Psychology and Sociology, they believed that intelligence is being affected by the environment. Herrnstein and Murray (1994) on their Bell Curve Experiment found out that people from different part of the world have different IQ due to their difference in their environment. These two psychologists also concluded that intelligence is being affected by their socioeconomic status. They also said that education really affects one’s intellectual capacity, that a person who goes to school has a higher IQ compare to those who don’t. Lastly, that intelligence is also affected by the person’s occupation, as they concluded that those persons whose jobs exert less skill constitute a lesser IQ.
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Our dear readers, which is which? Is human intelligence more of a product of nature or nurture? We want to hear your opinion. Please leave sensible comment/s.
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Para sa akin pareho lang kasi may mga bagay na namamana talaga sa magulang meron namang mga bagay na nadedevelop lang pag laki

For me human intelligence is more reliable on nuture because it is been proven through time that we are more taught and influenced by the people on our lives rather than genetics itself.

for me both. in nature of course may mamana ka nman sa parents mo and you already while in nurture this is were we developed ung intelligence by learning and applying what we learn but that depends sa environment if it is good or bad.

If would allow me, I would like to share my point of view about your comment. Intelligence is indeed natural. It can be acquired through the transfer of genes of intelligent parents. But I believe, that a person can still raise his/her IQ by learning from others -- that is, nurturing his/her intelligence. Even if intelligence is naturally in-born, we can never conclude that a person's mental prowess just came from this in-born mental characteristics. His/her environment is capable of adding knowledge to him/her. It is not just natural but also nurtured.

In most cases, children of intelligent parents are intelligent also because of the so-called "gene transfer". However, there are also cases wherein a successful person is born to an average parents. In such cases, what is the most influential factor that made that person successful?? Is it the NATURAL or the NURTURED INTELLIGENCE?

I think human intelligence is affected by both nature and nurture. Offspring’s acquire genes from their parents that based on the article it can account 48 percent of an individual’s IQ but nurture has a big factor on the enhancement of an individual’s IQ because people surrounds us affect our attitude and our perspectives in life. Everyone has a different attitude because of the influences of the people around us and it is also base on our experiences.

This is the reaction to thea coleen averilla If am not mistaken, what your are saying is that as long as you eat healthy and nutritious food you can become a professional? how about the student taking their board exam. We assume that all of them are eating healthy food for the sake of reviewing but still most of them are failing that exam and can't be a professional.

For me its not nature, Im against with it, because most of all the intelligent people were not that rich, so it means it always come from their own ability on how they were going to learn. Its a matter of "sipag at tiyaga" and discipline to nurture your mind :) everything is possible for those who are determined ;)

nasa tao na pagiging isang matalinong nilalang kase meron din mga tao na wala ren alam kahit anung turo o pagpapaintindi mo ndi paren nila ito makuha o naguguluhan lang.

kasi meron din naman mga tao na natututo nalang dahil sa nakapaligid sa kanila minsan yung natutunan nila ay mas pinapalawak pa nila kaya may mga pagkakataong nahihigitan nila ang taong natural na matalino

pwede pa namang mahasa ang isip ng tao kung gugustuhin nya eh. saka meron ding tao na sadyang matalino

I beg to dis agree to Mr.Marvin Adeza's statement .. I firmly believe that intelligence is indeed nurtured not in nature why?? because i have seen many people who are not intelligent in their young age but because of studying and learning from school they were nurtured and become intelligent. I also believed that if intelligence in in nature then why profeesionals right now were undergo studying????... Well that is my stand.. peace tayo ha!! ;)

for me HUMAN INTELLIGENCE is nurture.Kasi simula pa lang ay wala pa tayong alam natutunan lng natin lahat dahil sa ating magulang at guro.


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