Philippine Education: On K-12 proposal

 THE 12-YEAR EDUCATION Cycle will just definitely and heavily add to the burden of Filipino families, majority of which belongs to the poor. Moreover, this will further exploit our teachers to more work loads and less and less pay in real value.

In fact, my unstructured and random talk with families having children sent to the public schools revealed that almost all of them disagree on this K-12 proposal. If the scanty income they produce prove very inadequate to the current 10-year curriculum of the school set up, how much more, parents rhetorically ask, if two more years are to be added in the program? Thus, unless the government will shoulder or subsidize the expenses for the proposed additional 2 years, it’s hard to see how the proposal can be perceptibly feasible and practicable.

            Proponents of the K-12 proposal explain that this in effect makes schooling shorter, for in this system one can readily get a job after finishing high school. We have at least 3 reactions to this:

1) That is so hard to believe considering that in our country, even college graduates and board passers find it hard to get a job;

2) If by “jobs after finishing high school” they mean those done by graduates of vocational courses, then why not create more vocational schools in the country or intensify TESDA programs instead?;

3)  Doesn’t it reveal that the program is primarily designed to serve foreign needs for cheap “semiskilled” labor? (Some claim that this K-12 is being pushed by foreign banks and companies for them to be able to profit by further exploiting our people.) Preparing people to be ready for blue-collar jobs abroad is not bad in itself, but to make it mandatory to all who want to finish basic education is serving foreign needs at the expense of many Filipinos. 

As drastic changes in the curriculum will inevitably take place upon the approval of the K-12 proposal, our teachers will be more strained into tedious classroom tasks. This will be too unfair to them considering that their perennial concerns and grievances (e.g. salaries that can’t provide decent living, too many class hours, etc.) were not yet addressed by the new government.   

Hence, to express it still in a politically correct manner, the K-12 proposal, to say the least, is very untimely. As far as quality of education is concerned, it doesn’t take an Einstein (or Dr. Nilo Rosas, for that matter) for the government to understand that no matter how many years they add to education, as long as classroom to student ratio remains 1:70, as long as there are no textbooks or they are riddled with errors, as long as teachers are underpaid, and facilities remain dilapidated, no improvement in quality can be expected.

The Department of Education should therefore first focus on addressing the problems concerning lack of teachers, classrooms, textbooks, laboratory facilities, comfort rooms and other pressing education-related concerns. (Remember that P-Noy has promised to fill the gaps in classroom and facilities and to increase state subsidy for education.) Thus, the government has to forget the K-12 for now and endeavor instead to stop unjust tuition and other fee increases, and push for a nationalist-oriented curriculum and education system so that Filipino people will be truly benefited.

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The K-12 would be a burden- to the students and to the teachers. Isn't one of our objectives in studying is to eventually find a stable job? Extending secondary education would be like prolonging the agony of preparing for something that is unattainable in the future. The problem is with the whole education system, especially in its "machinery". No machine would run efficiently without sufficient fuel. In layman's term, no budget, no output. Therefore, what must be done is to encourage the youth to study by giving them the assurance that they would be able to enter college regardless of their economic means. Remember, as our constitutions states, education is a right, not a privilege. The k-12 program would be pointless if tertiary education is attainable only by those who can pay for it. It's like adding two years of hard work just to prepare the youth for a non-contractual, underpaid, and short term work.

<p> good comment yash!</p>

for me k+12 proposal in basic education is good implementation. it would help students to have higher acquisition of skills and it is also helpful because it can help our education more productive and advance than ever......

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This article discussed the recommendation of K-12 Program in the Philippine Education. Question: Are you in favor of the K-12 program that implemented in the Philippine Education? Why?

This answer is for Ma. Cristina Orfanel. iam not in favor of k-12 program bcoz instead of using the budget in that program, they should use this to increase the salaries of the school teachers, build more classsrooms, and dagdagan ang mga school supplies.. yes there is a need to improve the quality of education but adding more yrs is definitely not a solution.

This answer is for Ma. Cristina Orfanel. I am not in favor of the K-12. Since, i think it's not the system that needs improvement but the facilities that the government needs to provide for the Filipino people especially those who cannot afford to enroll their kids in private schools. additional classrooms so no. per class is minimized, more schools to be built, more teachers with better compensations. so teachers won't have to work abroad...

This answer is for Ma. Cristina Orfanel. this k-12 program has a problem.. for me,you don't need to change the process in studying.. actually, it is almost the same at the old curriculum. but unfortunately the Dep-Ed wants to try this program. It takes a lot of time to make sure that the k-12 program has a good or bad effect in the students. I can't decide on this question to agree or to disagree.. Im in the middle..

This article is all about the proposal of the new curriculum here in the Philippines. Is it an advantage or not to the student to study longer to the school?Why?

This is the answer to the question of Jayzon Viterbo I think it will be an advantage to the student to study longer in school, because if the student will study longer in the school he or she can excel more and learn more about the new curriculum that the government has propose.

This is the answer to the question of Jayzon Viterbo It is advantage to the student to study longer in school, because it will give the student new knowledge and it will give them more skills before they go to the college life. It is an advantage for them to be ready in the near future after they finish schooling.

This is the answer to the question of Jayzon Viterbo If the student will use wisely the additional years in school i believe that will be advantageous for the his or her growth. Learning is a continuous process, if a person strive to acquire more knowledge then he or she will be equipped with tools that can help him or her to be sucessful in the future.

This article shows the effects of k-12 on Philippines education. QUESTION: In your opinion, do you think that this program will lead us to progress? Why?

this is the answer to the question of John Azel D. De Loreto “Our country should not be left behind” said Pnoy, from that quotation I can therefore conclude that is totally right but I’m still confuse on the consequences in return. In the sense that our country is still not yet capable of providing the needed facilities, equipments and write ups that will serve as the materials in undergoing to the said program. Yes it will be beneficial to all Filipino community but we must unionize in order to achieve our objectives.

this is answer to the question of John Azel D. De Loreto Yes it will, because this program will enhance our ability to be well prepared and be more competitive in all the global aspects.

this is answer to the question of John Azel D. De Loreto Yes it will, because this program will enhance our ability to be well prepared and be more competitive in all the global aspects.

this is the answer to the question of John Azel D. De Loreto Yes, because this program will enhance our ability to be well prepared and be more competitive in all the global aspects.

this is the answer to the question of John Azel D. De Loreto Yes, kasi ang mga estudyante ay magkakaroon ng mas maraming oras para intindihin ang kanilang mga lessons at subject at dahil naidagdag ang dalawang taon, ang kurikulum ay mas madadagdagan ang mga inaaral ng lahat ng estudyante at dahil dito makakatulong ito sa kanila para mahasa ang kanilang abilidad para makakuha ng mga mas magagandang oportunidad na makahanap ng trabaho. At dahil doon, magsisimula sa kanila ang pag unlad ng Pilipinas.

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