Basic Theories as Frameworks in Ethics: Fun Quiz Game

Basic Theories as Frameworks in Ethics: Fun Quiz Game

Framework refers to a basic structure underlying a system or concept. Contextually in Ethics, it refers to "a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality." With this definition, a framework is pretty much like a worldview or a held theory.
Personally held frameworks and principles in Ethics dictate one’s moral disposition or the way a person resolves moral dilemmas. Hence, it is important to learn the basic moral theories which are espoused or held by many people. 
This automated fun quiz game is about Basic Theories as Frameworks in Ethics, such as the following:
1. Meta-Ethics
1.1. Cognitivism vs. Non-cognitivism
1.2. Universalism vs. Relativism
1.3. Empiricism vs. Rationalism vs. Intuitionism
2. Normative Ethics
2.1. Deontology
2.2. Teleology
2.3. Virtue ethics
3. Applied Ethics
3.1. Bioethics
3.2. Environmental Ethics
3.3. Business Ethics 
3.4. Sexual ethics 
3.5. Social ethics


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