10 Ethical Theses of Confucius

Every one of us desires to live in a place where peace and harmony exists. Nobody in this world would deny a life that is peaceful and meaningful, nor deny a place where he, together with his love ones is well-secured.

Since man live in a world that is full of trials, he is prone in experiencing the difficulties and challenges in life. We cannot deny the fact that the world we are living is not safe at all. Immorality is observed everywhere; corruption in any aspect is rampant; ignorance imprisons a lot of people, etc.

Considering all of the influences that this world can give us, we strive to overcome all of these treats, and make important actions that only rationality can provide.

Here comes a man with an idea on what is to be really a man of rationality. Confucius was considered a moral philosopher of the ancient China. His philosophy was mainly concerned about the practical way of life. He lived in a warring state period where violence and injustice is rampant. Uniquely, it is fun, even in our time, to learn about Confucianism teachings and beliefs.

Observing all these actions in his society, he wanted to reform his society that’s why one of his aims was on the improvement and the reformation of society and of man himself. He was convinced that the problem within his society was the lack of virtue. That is why, he introduced to the Orient, and later to the whole world; the concept of a Chun-Tzu.

A Chun-Tzu is primarily described as the ideal man of the society. This concept of Confucius does not necessarily mean as somebody who will lead a society or a political figure. Instead it is a concept that every man can achieve. It is a concept that can be applied by any individual in the ordinariness of their daily lives.

Confucius believes that a Chun-Tzu must have learn the principle “sageliness within; kingliness without.” This considers two important aspect of being a Chun-Tzu. He must be an intelligent person like the sages, who uses it for good and a strong character like great kings has.

A Chun-Tzu embraces virtues that are one with the moral law. As written in the analects, “a superior man will never forget the moral law.”

Confucius believes that morality or ethics is a very important field of every man’s study, for it gives humanity the instructions on what they are ought to do as human beings, or as rational beings. This concept teaches humanity six important virtues; Yen, Yi, Li, Hsiao, Hsin, and Chih ... (Continue reading)

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The Virtues in Confucius' Chun-Tzu

About the Author

The author is Mr. David John D. Pereira, from the province of Isabela. He is 22 years of age and a working-student. He is an ex-seminarian of the Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate and took his Degree in Philosophy at Rogationist Seminary College-Manila. Currently, he is studying at Rizal Technological University-Mandaluyong taking Masters of Arts in Instructional Technology.

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