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THE STUDENT'S KNOWLEDGE acquisition and skills development should not be limited in the four corners of the classroom where lessons and activities are time-constrained, and most of the time, teacher-centered. For that reason, it is important for teachers to employ mechanisms which will help their students to speed up the learning process, and at the same time, train their students to study independently. One of the many mechanisms that can be used to achieve these goals is to give Homework/Assignments.

Just an E-learning Overview

Electronic Learning, also known as E-Learning is one of the tools used in this generation. E-learning is also applied to Business, Medicine, and Education.  In this generation, the internet is one of tools use for learning but it encourages some difficulties.

First, what is E-Learning? According to Derek Stockley in 2013, E-learning is the delivery of a learning, training or education program by electronic means. E-learning involves the use of a computer or electronic device (e.g. a mobile phone) in some way to provide training, educational or learning material. Also the use of CD-ROM and DVD can be used as a learning material for an E-learning.

Glimpse of Business School

Are you a business minded person? Are you interested to put your own business? Are you willing to learn how to handle people? Then, Enrolled in Business School.

The first Business School has originated in Europe in the year 1819. It was named as ESCP Europe and it was categorized as the oldest business school in the world. As the years past, many other Business Schools are established afterwards. (Wikipedia)

Safety Management

Safety Management

Effective Teaching Methods in the Elementary

Teaching is known as the noblest profession. Every teacher is likened to potter. More than an  ordinary professional, he is responsible  in shaping the mind, heart and mentality of his pupils. With this, experts are studying and experimenting some methodologies and approaches  to help teachers. With those numerous teaching methodologies, I’ve taken the most effective based on my lengthy years in the service.

Teaching Techniques for Ensured Learning

Inductive Method

This process starts from simple to complex, from specific to general, from known to unknown, from particular to universal and from concrete to abstract. It is very applicable in teaching Language and Mathematics in elementary. Working plan in Language 3 usually begins with identifying of nouns. This will be followed by the plural nouns and then its classifications.  In mathematics it is necessary in presenting the interconnections of the four fundamental operations.

Get Motivated in Just a Minute

Work motivation is one of the most widely research topics in I/O psychology. If you surveyed managers and asked them to list the most difficult aspects of their jobs, odds that the majority would mention difficulties in motivating workers as a particular problem. Look around you at work and in school. You will see some people who seem to put more energy and drive into their work, and others who try to get by with minimal effort. When we begin to infer some underlying process of effort, energy, or drive, we are trying to capture the elusive construct of motivation. Obviously, in any work settings there will be tremendous individual differences in the motivation to work.

Good Plan = Great Success: Planning Technical Activities

For a plain and simple language, planning is thinking ahead. Planning is a tool not only for organization but also for every individual to know what to do, how to do it, when to do it and what to expect in the future. A plan serves as a useful guide in the implementation of every activity. The nature of planning  is to have a plan that provides a methodical way of achieving desired results. Without the plan, some minor tasks may be afforded major attention that may, hinder the accomplishment of objectives. Planning defined by Nickels and others: refers to “the management function that involves anticipating future trends and determining the best strategies and tactics to achieve organizational objectives.” For Aldag and Stearns, planning is the “the selection and sequential ordering of tasks required to achieve an organizational goal.” Cole and Hamilton gave a definition of planning as “deciding what will be done, who will do it, where, when and how it will be done, and the standards to which it will be done.”  To give you another idea of what is planning, you may watch this video.

10 Famous Successful Filipino Entrepreneurs

There are many successful Filipino entrepreneurs in our country. Among many reasons, they became famous because of their big contributions to the growth of our economy. These top Filipino entrepreneurs possess different characteristics which are essential to becoming successful. Many of them have great stories for us to wonder. They can serve as an inspiration for us Filipinos that someday we may become like them.

Five Things to Consider in Constructing a House

House construction is an activity that requires the process of planning. Activities which lack preparation usually lead to failure to attain desired goals and purpose. House construction is the realization of one’s dreams for our family, and it should be given utmost preparation in order to succeed:
            The following are five (5) things to consider in constructing a house:

1. The Income and Family Size
“Buy according to what you need not according to what you want”. This saying is applicable to the attitudes of many families. Sometimes, we keep on dreaming a house that is not really appropriate to our family income. We don’t need to dream of building a house that is like a palace, especially if we only have a small family size, for it would be like wearing an extra-large size of dress when the size of our body is only small.

YOUCHOOSE: An Interactive Short-Film Lesson Medium

YouChoose is a self-scheme of ideology to impart new ways of connecting to students the lessons in the school and involving them to form an art of their own. This module presents each ideology that influences the main idea of the self-pondered Lesson Medium and how it can be demonstrated, used, and applied as a teaching scheme.

Short Film, Series Shorts and Youtube Media Interface
Short films are movies that may be handled by an indie or a large production which was calibrated to tell a story for less than an hour. Short films tend to rise on YouTube as YouTube extends its bandwidth from 10 minutes to approximately 4 hours (comprising of analog data to digital format last 2007).

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