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Just looking at him with his cool antics,
Explains why we both clicked.
No, he definitely is not that perfect,
Sometimes his demeanor makes me fret.
Even so, I feel truly blessed, for
No man except him made me feel I am the best.

Doting father to my lovely daughters,
Each day and night he never falters.
Goes out of his way to spend silly time with them,
Ushers them through thick and thin.
Zeal for learning he is an icon,
Made some books for us to fathom.
An advocate of logic, ethics and debate,
Newest ˝philosopher˝ to date.

My earnest plea to the almighty,
Allow you to be someone you wanted to be.
Note all the prayers you whisper,
Especially on that special day I remember.
But, most of all I wish that you get,
Overflowing love and all the best.
God bless you, my dearest.


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